Friday, February 10, 2006


Yes, I am a cranky mess today. Only four hours of work and I just wanted to shoot myself during each hour. OK, maybe not SHOOT myself, but it was seriously the slowest and crankiest four hour shift I've ever worked. So I had a Starbucks cappuccino (tall, skinny, hazelnut) when I got out and now feel a bit better. What? Food as reward? And from a giant corporate chain? Hell yes. So there.

I left the house with £5 in my wallet today and I am making the most of it:
£2.15 on the cappuccino (yes, rip off, but I LIKED IT)
£1 to be spent on a ticket to see Corpse Bride at the cheap-on-Fridays old-skool movie house in Chinatown
Leaving £2.85 to spend on CANDY from the Trocadero! Wheee! Although I hope to spend no more than £1.50, because that would be a sickening amount of candy. I have literally been looking forward pick 'n' mix and movies all day long. It is my light at the end of the tunnel. Sad but true.

Seeing as it is Bertolt Brecht's birthday, I will leave you (if you're really out there) with a quote from him:

And please make
My curtain half-height, don't cut the stage off.
Leaning back, let the spectator
Notice the busy preparations being so
Ingeniously made for him, a metallic moon
Comes swinging down, a shingle roof
Is carried in; don't show him too much
But show something. And let him observe
That this is not magic but
Work, my friends.


Friday, February 03, 2006

lunch land?

I just had a brilliant idea: I should create an indoor park in the middle of Oxford St. where people like me who hate the cold and hate their "staff canteens" can spend their lunch hour! Genius! It's so nice when it's summer and you can take your lunch outside into the greenery and bask in the sunlight while you eat a PB&J (or, more likely here, a Marmite & cheese). But who wants to do that when it's cold? Crazy muppet people, that's who! So I'm going to knock out one of those crap discount stores on Oxford St. and build an indoor park instead, filled with central heating and oak trees and a swingset. Um...and some benches for those losers who wouldn't want to enjoy the artificial grass. In retrospect, this sounds like a converted McDonald's Playland. Perhaps I will call it Lunchland?

In other news, Orlando Bloom came into the store today and I MISSED IT. Poo. Ah well, he was probably surrounded by a swarm of 15-year-olds in leggings anyway. He was in the Gift Room so I like to imagine he was buying something....leather. Perhaps a keychain. Or not.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

toes are froze

OK, I know I complain about the cold all the time and I'm probably actually a reptile because I'm always 20 degrees colder than all humans, but IT'S FUCKING COLD. And still no snow, just COLD, the kind that hurts your back because you contract your body in an attempt to hide from it. Which never works.


What I really wanted to write today was:
Rest In Peace Wendy Wasserstein
Yes it's true, the comedic genius Wendy Wasserstein has died. I'll confess, I haven't read every single one of her plays, but I became particularly partial to her after directing Medea, which she co-wrote with Christopher Durang (comic genius x TWO!). She was pretty damn cool.

OK, my toes are too cold to write more. I hate internet cafes ... at least this one only charges 50p per hour. Hell yes. Time to go buy some chocolate.