Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is CRAP

I thought I had scored a perfect second job today, but no, no, just another illusion. I dropped my resume/CV at this fancy little gourmet foods shop yesterday and got a phone call later that afternoon saying, yes, they were hiring, and, gee, my CV looked great. Excitement ensued.

But then, I meet with a completely different snotty French woman this morning and things are not so fairy tale anymore.
"No, we need someone more flexible than that. I already have TWO part-timers."
And I am whisked away the moment her cappucino arrives.

So basically I woke up early to prettify myself - including ironing my skirt, which I never do - I blow-dried my hair, timed the ride on the tube perfectly, arrived at 10:00 on the dot, only to sit down for a 60-second rejection. Fine! I don't need your fine cheeses and quince paste ANYWAY!!

But inside, I'm crushed. This job really looked promising. Now I don't know where to look. I really don't want to work at the Gap ... even if it is London.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's all about gettin' that cash money

I have a JOB. No joke. I'm going to be an usher at The London Palladium for their Christmas show. Wheeee, yay for customer service. And MONEY. Of course, the show doesn't open until next week so I won't get paid for a bit, but at least I know it's on the way.

Oh, and in a random aside, everyone should check out the Young at Heart Chorus. That's most definitely what I want to be doing when I'm 77! Amazing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I'm still unemployed and starting to get bitter about it.

And I don't want to eat McVities to console myself because I'm also starting to try to eat healthier... let's see how long that lasts. But I need to reverse the fattening process.

And I'm biting my nails again. Hardcore.

Someone think happy thoughts for me, please.

Monday, October 10, 2005


So...I thought of all these exciting things to write about but they seem to have flown out of my head. Hmm.....


I suppose I'll make a random list.

Here are my top five exciting moments/events/things of the day (yet in a random order):
1) The sun is out. Woo.
2) I finally had an interview today for a receptionist position at a hostel, which would be a cool job because I can wear whatever the hell I want and practice my foreign language skills.
3) I had a tasty cappucino with vanilla sugar on top.
4) I went to Hyde Park for the first time and it was lovely.
5) I look cute in a pink cardigan.

Wow, number 4 and 5 are kind of stretching it, but it's one of those "eh" days. I needed to make myself think of those things though so I can try to overshadow the fact that my iPod is busted, I am still unemployed and yet flying through my traveler's cheques like nobody's business, and my shoulders hurt like hell from walking all over the city with my over-stuffed messenger bag.

But at least I look cute in a pink cardigan.

And in sugar-infested food news, I went to Portobello Road Market this weekend and had a fantabulous crepe with Nutella. Heaven. And I also tried a mini package of mini Jammie Dodgers. They're swell after a pint. Really.

Monday, October 03, 2005

ok...I'm here...

Now that I am in the land of McVities, I don't know what to do. I already bought some McVities, of course, so I can't do that again.

There are a bunch of fun shops in the vicinity of my flat. Well "fun-looking" I should say since I've only visited about three since I arrived this morning. I went to Safeway to do some grocery shopping for the primary goods and of course to just wander around in a jet-lagged haze. There are so many things to LOOK at! Oooh! Ahhh! Yogurt! Biscuits! Tinned things! Huzzah! But there was only so much I felt like carrying so I didn't buy all those things. I also went to some sort of ethnic market and got some really cheap honey. Hell yes.

Now I just want to sleep but I really can't let myself. I MUST last into the evening hours so I will not be jet-lagged tomorrow. No sir. Because tomorrow I will LEARN things. And of course be in search of more sugar-laden items. Hopefully other than McVities because I really must expand my biscuit repertoire.