Saturday, February 27, 2010

Like chocolate and peanut butter

Hey wow, two of my favorite things are joining forces!  And they're not edible things!  Liberty is designing a line for Target and it looks pretty rockin'.  Well, as rockin' as wee flowers and paisley can be.

The real reason I'm weak in the knees for the collection is because it reminds me of my days working at Liberty and wishing I could afford all the cute things we sold.  I worked in Customer Service in the basement but whenever I had to bring returns to other departments I would take an extra long trip so I could wander around and touch everything.  We sold lots of designer stuff other than just the Liberty of London prints, but the prints were what most customers were after.  I did end up buying a bunch of great, flowery fabric with my employee discount, but I'm pretty sure it's still sitting under my bed at my parents' house because I don't actually know how to sew.

But it's OK because, once again, Target is solving all my problems!

There's even a Liberty print bike!!  Good god, I want springtime.

Check out the whole collection here.  And then buy it for me next month, pleeeeease.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: poo pah to the max

Dudes, I am BEAT.  I'm working a ton of overtime in preparation for this bananatown gala we're planning at work while also fighting off the end of cold (again).  All I want to do is lie in bed and watch America's Best Dance Crew (I miss Kaba Modern!) and eat pretzels. 

But since I'm getting a significant bonus check from all this, I guess I'll hang out and try to raise us some money.  Blergh.

Coincidentally, do any of you know some rich people who would like to drop tons of money on an evening of musical theatre, fancy canapes, and self-congratulation?  Say... $5,000 or so?  Lemme know really soon.

I could use a shot of whiskey right about now.

andrea: (I'm all riled up from bubbles)

molly: bubbles?
 andrea: YES
molly: i just had some whiskey, but sadly there was only about one shot left :(
  prepping for mad men watching
 andrea: ugh lame
 one shot of whiskey and mad men
  joe sends his regards
  as he is out of clever words right now
 molly: i bet HE isn't calling me lame!
 andrea: oh he did
  don't worry
 molly: i send those regards right back, gentleman
 oh crap then
  i take them back
 andrea: you can't
  they're out there in the ether
 molly: i throw my proverbial glove at the both of you
  poo pah
 andrea: poo pah!
you are on a ROLL
 molly: it's the lack of sleep
  and that one shot of whiskey
 andrea: woo!

PS: I stopped adding the date of the chat because you guys don't care, right?  All five of you?  Right.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Practically an ad for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I can't decide if Wayne Coyne's uber-modern house reminds me more of a stylized igloo or of the Mode Magazine office on "Ugly Betty":

Either way, I bet his housekeepers are working double time to keep all those surfaces white, especially if he's still biking around naked and covered in goo with these crazies (a very very NSFW link, by the way).  Hmmm.

Read more here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: special skills

I am being a super duper multi-tasker tonight!  Not only am I writing this blog post, but I'm also watching Winter Olympics figure skating, trying to pick my next UCB class (holy shit my internship got extended!), and revising my Storytelling draft.

OK, actually, if I broke it down it's more like 75% writing this post, 15% picking a class, 8% watching figure skating (sequins!), and 2% revising (I don't even have the document open... I'm doing it in my head).

HEY!  You know who ELSE is a super multi-tasker?  Dreaface with her crazy spacephone!  (Nice transition huh?)  As much as I want to pretend I'm too cool to want an iPhone, I'm totally not.  Of course I want an iPhone.  I just know I can't handle it yet - monetarily or mentally.  I'm still excited about the fact that my current phone has a camera.  But if/when I do get one, I sure won't do this:
  • 10/1/09 - 10:32am
 andrea: biking to the gym, i'll be back on when i get there
 molly: you're gonna gchat while you work out?? puh-lease

11 minutes
 andrea: HE'LL YES I am!
 I'm totally chatting and watching indomercials while I ellipticise
 molly: you're THAT girl
 what's an indomercial?
 andrea: Infomercial
  Which girl? Texty girl?
 molly: girl who uses her phone while ellipticising
  at least you're not talking on it though
 andrea: No, I would never
 molly: actually, i meant you're marlo thomas from that '70s tv show
 andrea: Whatever man, I didn't get the iPhone so I could NOT text while I workout
molly: whateverzzz

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: BOOM

There isn't much to say about this here convo.  It is what is.  It speaks volumes.  It's touching the nation one child at a time.  The more you knoooooow.

(In other words, I'm rushing to finish my Storytelling assignment/go to a dance class/clean my room/finish watching the special features on my Pulp Fiction DVD and this is the first gem I came across.  Time's a wastin'.)

Do it:
  • 8/8/09 - 11:27am 
andrea: haha, did you get my drunk text last night?
 molly: oh yeah!
  i meant to text you back
  i was going to say that i don't feel grown up enough
  you think deep thoughts when you're drunk
 andrea: i sure do
  i'm a deep, deep well
 a chasm
  a fjord
 molly: ooooh i love the word fjord!
 andrea: me too!
  going to breakfast,
  talk to you later
 molly: mmm brekkie
  well i'll be here alllll day

Saturday, February 06, 2010

That touchdown really moved me

I am a typical girl when it comes to the Superbowl.  I have no patience for the constant stopping and starting of the action and would rather just drink a lot of beer and eat nachos and wait for the kickass commercials.  (That's what girls do, right?)  Unless the Patriots are playing because in that case it's in my New England blood to represent.

If the Superbowl looked like any of these though, maybe I'd put down the tortilla chips and actually watch it:

(From Slate V)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Everything it seems I like is a little bit sweeter, a little bit fatter, a little bit harmful for me

I made an awesome mix while wide awake at 1am the other night and it's saving me this week.  My best playlists are made after midnight while sitting in bed, painstakingly moving songs around in iTunes so that all the intros and outros flow together perfectly.  This one was a mix of stuff I'm currently obsessed with and ended up having a crazy variety of tunes.  Highlights include Tears for Fears, Kid Cudi, Drunken Sufis, and Bjork - random, but awesome.

What I've been primarily obsessed with, however, is the "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" outro.  I never thought of myself as a huge Rufus Wainwright fan, but this song kept popping up on my Pandora stations and I liked it more and more each time I heard it.  I suppose I kinda stole the idea of using it as a mix closer from Andy (thanks dude!), but it works nicely.

Nice clogs, Rufus.

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: good thing I'm not a nanny

I hate to be a cliche, but oh my god you guys, MONDAY. Christ-on-a-bicycle-Mary-Magdalene-Peter-Frampton MONDAY.  Maybe my alarm interrupted my delicate sleep cycle at the wrong moment or something today, but GOOD GOD, I've been wanting to break shit since I stepped out of the shower.  Crazy workplace drama isn't helping.

If I were Drea though, I'd be dealing with poopy pants drama instead of sassy pants drama (yes, it's a fine line).  We trade horror stories throughout the day of babies vs. staff meetings and seem to conclude that both options are equally dreary.  Luckily I'm getting better at handling theatre people, but babies?  Sheesh, I don't even know how to change a diaper.

  • 8/5/09 - 9:58am

 andrea: so, get this, I put Sloane down like an hour ago, and she hasn't gone to sleep yet
  but she's screaming like a tantruming banshee
 molly: maybe you need to sing her a lovely song
 andrea: and I have things to do
  so... I could just go pick her up, and put her in the stroller and go do those things, since she's not going to sleep anyway
 now I'm angry at her, and I don't want to give her the satisfaction of me giving in and picking her up
  what is WRONG with me?
molly: nothing's wrong with you, the screaming banshee baby is facahked
  i would just put her in the stroller but i don't know anything about babies
would that mess up her sleep schedule
 andrea: but I'm so MAD at her
 molly: or actually make her smugly happy?
 andrea: grrrrr MAD
 molly: not sure
 andrea: i feel like it'll make her smugly happy
 plus its hot out
  and while I do have things to do, I don't necessarily want to go outside...
  decisions of an immature nanny
 molly: eh, just let her scream and be a brat then
andrea: yeah, that's what I was thinking
  thanks for the support
 molly: anytime

So yeah.  Don't ever ask me to babysit until your kid is like, ten years old.