Monday, February 08, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: BOOM

There isn't much to say about this here convo.  It is what is.  It speaks volumes.  It's touching the nation one child at a time.  The more you knoooooow.

(In other words, I'm rushing to finish my Storytelling assignment/go to a dance class/clean my room/finish watching the special features on my Pulp Fiction DVD and this is the first gem I came across.  Time's a wastin'.)

Do it:
  • 8/8/09 - 11:27am 
andrea: haha, did you get my drunk text last night?
 molly: oh yeah!
  i meant to text you back
  i was going to say that i don't feel grown up enough
  you think deep thoughts when you're drunk
 andrea: i sure do
  i'm a deep, deep well
 a chasm
  a fjord
 molly: ooooh i love the word fjord!
 andrea: me too!
  going to breakfast,
  talk to you later
 molly: mmm brekkie
  well i'll be here alllll day

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