Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: poo pah to the max

Dudes, I am BEAT.  I'm working a ton of overtime in preparation for this bananatown gala we're planning at work while also fighting off the end of cold (again).  All I want to do is lie in bed and watch America's Best Dance Crew (I miss Kaba Modern!) and eat pretzels. 

But since I'm getting a significant bonus check from all this, I guess I'll hang out and try to raise us some money.  Blergh.

Coincidentally, do any of you know some rich people who would like to drop tons of money on an evening of musical theatre, fancy canapes, and self-congratulation?  Say... $5,000 or so?  Lemme know really soon.

I could use a shot of whiskey right about now.

andrea: (I'm all riled up from bubbles)

molly: bubbles?
 andrea: YES
molly: i just had some whiskey, but sadly there was only about one shot left :(
  prepping for mad men watching
 andrea: ugh lame
 one shot of whiskey and mad men
  joe sends his regards
  as he is out of clever words right now
 molly: i bet HE isn't calling me lame!
 andrea: oh he did
  don't worry
 molly: i send those regards right back, gentleman
 oh crap then
  i take them back
 andrea: you can't
  they're out there in the ether
 molly: i throw my proverbial glove at the both of you
  poo pah
 andrea: poo pah!
you are on a ROLL
 molly: it's the lack of sleep
  and that one shot of whiskey
 andrea: woo!

PS: I stopped adding the date of the chat because you guys don't care, right?  All five of you?  Right.

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