Saturday, February 27, 2010

Like chocolate and peanut butter

Hey wow, two of my favorite things are joining forces!  And they're not edible things!  Liberty is designing a line for Target and it looks pretty rockin'.  Well, as rockin' as wee flowers and paisley can be.

The real reason I'm weak in the knees for the collection is because it reminds me of my days working at Liberty and wishing I could afford all the cute things we sold.  I worked in Customer Service in the basement but whenever I had to bring returns to other departments I would take an extra long trip so I could wander around and touch everything.  We sold lots of designer stuff other than just the Liberty of London prints, but the prints were what most customers were after.  I did end up buying a bunch of great, flowery fabric with my employee discount, but I'm pretty sure it's still sitting under my bed at my parents' house because I don't actually know how to sew.

But it's OK because, once again, Target is solving all my problems!

There's even a Liberty print bike!!  Good god, I want springtime.

Check out the whole collection here.  And then buy it for me next month, pleeeeease.


Needs Coffee To Live said...

I still have the fabrics you bought for me from Liberty! The peacock fabric is slowly being whiddled away into hair scarf things....and the little houses are sitting prettily on the shelf because I am too scared to waste them on a project not worthy of them...

RavenMcCoy said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about the little houses one too! I love that peacock pattern though - classic Liberty.

Needs Coffee To Live said...

Went to Target this weekend and fell in love with a lot of this line... including the kitchen stuffs. They have peacock patterned bowls that MATCH my favorite fabric you bought me! And MUGS!!! *deep relaxing breath*

Okay, I'm better now.