Tuesday, September 27, 2005

London calling

Right now I just want to get to London so I can eat lots of McVities biscuits. Is it sad if that's my primary reason? Yes...yes it is.

Actually, I'm just too freaked out to face any of the other realities of going...

Thursday, September 22, 2005


"And so I went through the looking glass, stepped into the netherworld, where up is down and food is greed, where convex mirrors cover the walls, where death is honor and flesh is weak. It is ever so easy to go. Harder to find your way back."

-Marya Hornbacher, Wasted

Because I can't always have my cake and eat it too.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I am still having some insane urges to make cupcakes. I don't know why ... I suppose they're just such a pleasing thing to make. Because I don't know if I actually want to eat them as much as I want to bake them and frost them in pretty pastel colors and say "look at my cute little pastel cupcakes!!" But I'd probably eat them all anyway, which is why I can't let myself make them. Maybe I can give some to the mailman.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Love on a stick

I am so glad that The Amateur Gourmet shares the same love for the strawberry shortcake Good Humor bar that I do. I just had one but, sadly, it did not come from an ice cream truck. And since I downed a bunch of coffee right before I had it, I think my stomach is going to explode. LOOK OUT! FATTY-DAIRY-CAFFIENE EXPLOSION!! RWARRR! Apparently I have a ton of sugar surging through my system as well.

But back to ice cream: my dream job #498792 is to drive an ice cream truck. How cool would that be?? I would play much cooler music though...none of that twinkly twinkly music box crap. Maybe some Belle & Sebastian, Mark Mothersbaugh, and The Mamas & The Papas....yes sweet sweet music and strawberry shortcake bars.