Thursday, December 27, 2012

John, I'm only drinking

David Bowie turns 66 on January 8th, 2013.  If I had any sense I would already be planning a theme party, since I seem to miss the window for it every year and then swear to throw one the following year.  Well, this year I've screwed it up again because on the 8th I will not even be home, but instead visiting my sister, her boyfriend, and their cat in their fancy new house in a fancy new town.  Not the best place to throw an impromptu Bowie Ball.  BUT maybe I can at least strong-arm them into mixing up a Bowie-themed cocktail or two?  I'm especially fond of this one:

Thanks Andrea, for letting me know this existed, and Flavorwire, for being super cool as always. 

Might I also suggest a "Sound and Vision" cocktail?  It would be blue curacao, gin, and Cool Blue Gatorade, garnished with Pop Rocks. "Blue, blue, electric bluuuue." Drink at your own risk.