Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: Dear Bjork - please give me a job

Holy shit you guys: what a fucking MON-DAY.  I had a glorious weekend - sleeping, dancing, drinking, cooking, "True Blood"-ing (aaah, why I am so addicted?) - and then it all went downhill starting at roughly 10:01am this morning.  Payroll, banking, spreadsheets, photos, and emails got the better of me for a straight 10 hours or so - I didn't even have time to hide in the bathroom and bang my head against the wall.  Finally, I stumbled home, so psyched to put on my jammies and chill out with my pals Bravo and Sabra, and discovered my entire fucking wardrobe rack had broken in half and I had clothes all over my room.  Thanks a bunch, Monday!!!

I shouldn't be so over-dramatic.  I did find temporary extra space for my clothes in our hall closet and I am currently in my jammies eating hummus and watching mindless television despite all this.  It just doesn't give me much hope for the rest of this week.

All of this has nothing to do with mine and Drea's Bjork and "Biggest Loser" obsessions, but it does make for a nice contrast.

molly: i'm having such a bjork day
 andrea: that sounds colorful and awesome
 molly: it's mildly depressing, but still awesome
 i wish she was here serenading me in person
 andrea: don't we all
 molly: "bachelorette" is my jam lately
 andrea: that's a really good one
 molly: it's so dramatic
 andrea: you know what's dramatic? the biggest loser
  dear god the TEARS
 just put the donut down, lady. it's cool.
 molly: oh yeah, that too
  oh my god, they should have bjork as a GUEST JUDGE
 andrea: HAHAHA
 molly: then the world would explode
  can you imagine???
 it would be like when she was on spaceghost
 andrea: oh my god, that was AMAZING
 molly: they'd ask her questions and she's answer in nonsense words
  yeah, i want to watch that right NOW
 andrea: with her odd little accent
 molly: "large persons, you have to run with the horses and sunshine and love your pink hearts and no more eating cakes"
  "sneakers are shiny and laughter"
 andrea: oh my god.

molly: it's like engrish
 andrea: only better

Yeah, I do want to watch that right now:

I am also re-reading my high school yearbook...

In yet another perfect link between my inspired reflections on the media of my youth and Flavorwire, they've discovered what happened to all our favorite '90s grunge bands!

So crazy that I just (ok, like a month ago) posted about that creepy Toadies song I found on my old mixtape and Flavorwire was all "oh hey, the Toadies, what the crap happened to them?"  SAME BRAIN, Flavorwire!  Why don't you just hire me already, people?  (Please??)  I'm weeks ahead of you on this re-living-1996 game.

By the way, here's the actual 7th Grade Mix Tape (evidence of the lame beginnings of my obsession with collage):


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: powhiskey?

I just wrapped up yet another weekend of living far beyond my means.  It was totally worth it, as most extravagant weekends are, but I'm hurting.  I could use a po' man's anything right now (but not extra pores, thanks).

andrea: there are no jobs for me
  i'm going to resort to killing myself
 molly: no no, don't do that!
  who will cut my bangs for me?
  and offer fashion advice via ichat??
andrea: oh dear
  good popint

molly: is that like the po' man's pint?
  "i'll have a popint of bud"
 andrea: yes!
  that's what I need...
 molly: me too
  but not bud
andrea: more like a poredstripe
 molly: HAAA
  sounds like "with pores"

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: an ode to burritos

Tonight I ate Mexican food without Andrea.  It just wasn't the same.  I couldn't choose only one conversation to drive this point home, so here are five samplins':

 molly: i think we share some brains
 god i need to get out of work
 andrea: i need a burrito  andrea: I didn't get a picture of the three legged pug :(
 molly: boooh
 andrea: but, I did just eat the greatest burrito of my young life
 molly: "thanks molly.... tholly"
 andrea: thanks burrito...
 andrea: you're nuts
  i want a burrito  andrea: no, thank god, because I'm lying on the carpet watching tv on the internet and trying not to run out to get the burrito
  ha ha "the" burrito
 molly: oh i know
  THE burrito
  THAT burrito
 andrea: THE BURRITO
  every burrito...
  andrea: oh yeah!
 i knew i knew her from somewhere
  i want a burrito

I just decided "burrito" is one of those words that look ridiculous after cutting-and-pasting it multiple times.  Also, I think I just set myself up for a peanut-butter-obsessed-Molly post.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

TGI (almost) F!

In a perfect belated follow-up to my "Boy Meets World" post of yore, the perpetual work distraction Flavorwire has done all the hard work of figuring out what happened to all of our favorite TGIF stars (why don't I have this job??).  Check it out.

FYI: I totally used to have one of those denim flower "Sister, Sister" hats.  I got it for my tenth birthday and often rocked it with a silky paisley vest over a white t-shirt and more denim.  YEAH 1993.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More bloggins!

Surprise!  Another blog!  Andrea and I are co-producing a new photo project called This Is How We Live.

We were fed up with all of the "lifestyle" blogs out there that show young people living highly designed and distressingly coordinated lives.  I mean, sure: there are a lucky bunch of twenty-somethings out there who are making a good living and have a knack for furnishing themselves and their homes stylishly.  But what about the rest of us barely scratching out a living?  We want to peek into their lives.

The blog is in the infant stages of design so don't judge us too harshly, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on the content.  And we probably want to photograph your bathroom.  Check it out.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: MC Drea in da howwwse

Did I mention that Andrea is my personal rapper detective?  She is.  Just drop a beat and drop a dime, ya'll (did I just date myself with that reference?).

andrea: i luuuurve that the dooce just twatted that she saw john krasinski and her legs went all wobbly
 molly: hahaaa
what is she in LA for?
  i didn't figure it out
  so you need to
 andrea: HGTV stuff?
  that's my detective work
  solvin crimes, doin times
  makin rhymes
 molly: ah
  makes sense
 andrea: juicin limes
 molly: you're a rapper detective!
and smoothie maker!
  oh man, that's a tv show waiting to happen
  and you're composing the theme song
 andrea: except that i'm out of rhymes
That was only momentary, I'm sure.  She serves up those crazy rhymes all the time every day.  Unfortunately she has some competition from the scatting jazzman tennis ball:


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: CRAP I almost forgot

Yeah, I suck at this lately.  I don't know why we ever decided Mondays were perfect for this.  Or why I'm still doing it when Andrea quit long ago.  Anyway:

andrea: whatever happened to that schwartzman/galafinakis detective show?
 molly: i know the first season ended, but i haven't heard anything about a new season
  i hope it's coming back
 andrea: i only saw one episode
  i rule
  i do not rule, at job hunting however
  or being productive
 i do rule at reading blogs
  and drinking dranks
  and rambling
 molly: DRANKS
  it's the spirit of friday
 andrea: hee hee!
  drinking sounds so much better of you growl the word "dranks" semi loudly when referring to it
 like, "yeah, I'm drinkin some DRANKS at 3 in the afternoon...WHAT OF IT?"
 molly: HAHAAA!
  that's it, that's the only way i'm ever referring to drinking
  even if it's a fancy wine tasting
 "why yes, this DRANK does have hints of cinnamon"
 andrea: that's right, you GET ON the drank train
  its fun on here
  every car is the bar car
 molly: oh, dreams

PS: Drea Drea and I drank a lot of dranks this weekend.  We also learned that we both need flasks in order to always have dranks on hand in case we are ever again stuck at the lamest wedding ever.  More whining to come... plus photos?  Let's see how motivated I get.