Monday, June 28, 2010

I am also re-reading my high school yearbook...

In yet another perfect link between my inspired reflections on the media of my youth and Flavorwire, they've discovered what happened to all our favorite '90s grunge bands!

So crazy that I just (ok, like a month ago) posted about that creepy Toadies song I found on my old mixtape and Flavorwire was all "oh hey, the Toadies, what the crap happened to them?"  SAME BRAIN, Flavorwire!  Why don't you just hire me already, people?  (Please??)  I'm weeks ahead of you on this re-living-1996 game.

By the way, here's the actual 7th Grade Mix Tape (evidence of the lame beginnings of my obsession with collage):


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