Monday, June 07, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: MC Drea in da howwwse

Did I mention that Andrea is my personal rapper detective?  She is.  Just drop a beat and drop a dime, ya'll (did I just date myself with that reference?).

andrea: i luuuurve that the dooce just twatted that she saw john krasinski and her legs went all wobbly
 molly: hahaaa
what is she in LA for?
  i didn't figure it out
  so you need to
 andrea: HGTV stuff?
  that's my detective work
  solvin crimes, doin times
  makin rhymes
 molly: ah
  makes sense
 andrea: juicin limes
 molly: you're a rapper detective!
and smoothie maker!
  oh man, that's a tv show waiting to happen
  and you're composing the theme song
 andrea: except that i'm out of rhymes
That was only momentary, I'm sure.  She serves up those crazy rhymes all the time every day.  Unfortunately she has some competition from the scatting jazzman tennis ball:


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