Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: CRAP I almost forgot

Yeah, I suck at this lately.  I don't know why we ever decided Mondays were perfect for this.  Or why I'm still doing it when Andrea quit long ago.  Anyway:

andrea: whatever happened to that schwartzman/galafinakis detective show?
 molly: i know the first season ended, but i haven't heard anything about a new season
  i hope it's coming back
 andrea: i only saw one episode
  i rule
  i do not rule, at job hunting however
  or being productive
 i do rule at reading blogs
  and drinking dranks
  and rambling
 molly: DRANKS
  it's the spirit of friday
 andrea: hee hee!
  drinking sounds so much better of you growl the word "dranks" semi loudly when referring to it
 like, "yeah, I'm drinkin some DRANKS at 3 in the afternoon...WHAT OF IT?"
 molly: HAHAAA!
  that's it, that's the only way i'm ever referring to drinking
  even if it's a fancy wine tasting
 "why yes, this DRANK does have hints of cinnamon"
 andrea: that's right, you GET ON the drank train
  its fun on here
  every car is the bar car
 molly: oh, dreams

PS: Drea Drea and I drank a lot of dranks this weekend.  We also learned that we both need flasks in order to always have dranks on hand in case we are ever again stuck at the lamest wedding ever.  More whining to come... plus photos?  Let's see how motivated I get.


andrea said...

I didn't "quit," I just forgot...

RavenMcCoy said...