Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: wind + booze + emoticons = love

I guess this makes more sense when you see it in a gchat window where the symbols transform into actual funny things, but use your imagination.  Here's a key:

:D = insane laughter
~@~ = pile of poop
V.v.V = scuttling crab
and of course, <3 = heart, DUH

Pepper those into your next heart-to-heart gchat convo (or shall I say, <3 2 <3?).

  where am I living, a goddamn shanty town?!!!!!!
 molly: oh dear
  tape those windows down
  :D ~@~
  laugin' out poop
  goddam, i killed it, not funny anymore
  ~@~ ~@~ ~@~ ~@~ ~@~ ~@~
  that's better
 andrea: shut up
 its totally funny

 andrea: seriously, I feel unsafe here
  the top floor is just gonna straight up blow off
molly: eek
  just don't get too close to the windows
 andrea: DEATH
  you can have my records, and my record player
  and my booze
if I don't drink it from the beer
  if i don't drink it from the fear. FEAR
molly: oh god, don't be talkin' wills!
  (but of course i'm taking your records and record player)
andrea: craaaaaaap
  i'm about to get sucked to wonderland, or whatever
  not wonderland...where did dorothy go?
 molly: oh my god woman, how much booze have you had?
 andrea: not a lot
  i think its the chocolate and the fear
  the feeeeeaaar
i drank a big beer
  and i'm about to bust into some cava
 molly: that's gonna be an amazing burp
 andrea: because i'm not going out into that goddamn rain until my boyfriend has music out of his system and is ready to snuggle
  (this conversation is going to wind up on the internet isn't it?)
 "The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: Sassoon loses her damn mind."
 molly: no I'M sassoon! YOU'RE widget!
 andrea: you're widget
 molly: waaaaaaah :'(
 andrea: don't make me sic that crab on you
 molly: this is totally ending up on the internet
 andrea: V.v.V V.v.V V.v.V V.v.V
  crab army
molly: <3 ~@~ <3 ~@~
  i see your crab army and raise you love poop
 andrea: you bitch

Oh, and you called it Drea - here it is, totally ending up on the internet.  ShaBAM.  And I'M SASSOON, weirdo.

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andrea said...

I'M sassoon. You just WISH you were sassoon.