Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: gettin' old

That's right, I'm OLD.  At least, I sure felt old after unfolding myself from a four-hour bus ride from Boston to New York City this afternoon and hobbling into work.  My gimpy side was acting up and even though I limped around the office and kept yawning with exhaustion, they still made me open envelopes and take notes in meetings and stuff!  SHEESH.

But then I got home and went for a run, went grocery shopping, made dinner, and made a double batch of cookies.  And after I publish this here post I still have plans to wash dishes, paint my nails and watch awesome things on Hulu.  So I guess I'm not old, I just have work-induced laziness.  And insomnia.  Getting there...

molly: there is some kind of giant backyard party going on next door
  which would be ok, if it weren't TUESDAY
who does that on a tuesday?
  am i getting old?
 andrea: who does that on the tuesday after fucking memorial day weekend?
 molly: i guess it will be more annoying if it's still happening in 5 hours
  yeah, really
 andrea: seriously, haven't you partied enough?
 molly: right now it's mostly just annoying because i don't want to shut my windows and we're competing for music
andrea: that sucks
  people suck
  i mean, its not that late, but its tuesday, like for realsies
molly: right?
  if it is still happening in a few hours, i'm going to yell that out my window
 andrea: yes!
  i love that
 molly: "people, it's tuesday, like for realsies!"
 andrea: there were some cats having sex outside my window like a half an hour ago i think...
 molly: but i'll put curlers in my hair and put on a housecoat first
 andrea: i should've yelled at them
 molly: yesssss ewwww that happens a lot here too
 andrea: and a green face mask
  I actually muted the tv and went over to the window all "what the crap?"
molly: yeah cause it sounds like babies dying
 andrea: i don't even know what to liken it to..
  it was upsetting

PS: If anyone can find me a link to the clip of Maya Rudolph's re-appearance as Whitney Houston on SNL this past Saturday, I will love you forever and buy you a drink or... something.  It is crucial to Andrea and mine's growing collection of videos to loudly re-enact on the subway.

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