Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: rambling associations

I just got home from a pretty rough set at the Creek.  Well, to be fair, I had two sets: the first was group improvised storytelling and awesome, the second was group improvised... improv... and... well, we've had better days.  I love my fellow Goats, but the only word I could use to describe our set with was "yoinks."  Like: goofy, but weird, but... ouch.  You get me?  It's OK though - I'm confident we can turn it around because we all love karaoke and we have high-five parties like no one's business.

So on the train home I was remembering that I had to do Weekly Widget and Sassoon and immediately made big plans: get in the door, change into the really-old-but-comfy sweatshorts, reheat an amalgam mixture of leftovers, and talk about this:

That's right, a bag.  But not just any bag - the bag of all bags.  I think our bud Rebecca originally bought this 10 or so years ago from the Gap and it got passed around amongst the three of us like a cheap bottle of champange (quickly and frequently).  I specifically remember Andrea giving it to me en route to the bathroom at VPB many a time so I could steal toilet paper for her.  And then it got passed down to me.  (Or... I stole it and never gave it back... something like that.)

This bag was not only amazing for it's history, but it's valuable features:
 1) Size - huge enough to fit not just my laptop, but also a book and a magazine and a sandwich and a change of shoes and maybe some seltzer too.
2) Zipper top - especially important when you got stuck in the rain.
3) KEY HOLDER!  It had this little tab that you snapped your keys into so you didn't have to fish around for them when you were drunkenly trying to get into your apartment at 3am and had to pee so bad that every second was crucial!

Well friends - I had to lay that poor bag to rest.  After years of dedication, one of the straps finally busted beyond repair and I had to throw it out.  But not before documenting it, of course.  Oh Gap bag, we hardly knew ye.

So then I remembered, oh hey, you know what this series is actually about?  Inane chatter that Drea and I do on the internets.  And I dug up this gem:

brb, shower
 molly: yeah, stinkface

 andrea: shut it
  i'm mclean

molly: McClean?
  Lady McCleanface?
  a mcdonald's sandwich made of soap?
andrea: yeah that's right
 molly: ick
andrea: no, i'm delicious
  like roses

And then I thought of this:

And now I'm full of pasta and vegetables and chocolate chips and I'm exhausted.  Goodnight!  You've been a great crowd.


andrea said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! the bag! The BAAAAAAAG! why sweet lord, why?! I love you bag, and your key leash, and your water resistance, and your loyalty. You will be missed.

You better have built a raft and set it on fire and pushed the bag out to sea, and not just thrown it in the trash. That bag deserved a Viking funeral if any viking ever did. Tha bag was a viking.

RavenMcCoy said...

I built a pyre in the front yard, lit it on fire, and invited some ewoks to dance around it. And then - I swear to god - I saw a vision of Gap bag waving to me and smiling, as if to say "carry on, friend."

You shoulda been there.