Monday, June 29, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: how most conversations go

  • 1/9/08 - 11:32am
molly:i put fresh ginger in my travel mug a few days ago and now my coffee keeps tasting like ginger
i need a new travel mug andrea: ew.
molly: and stronger coffee
andrea: why would you ever do that?
molly: it's the best cure for a cold, i swear
steep fresh ginger slice and 1/4 lemon in hot water, add a big spoonful of honey and you're cured
andrea: what ginger coffee?
ginger beer
molly: just don't put it in a travel mug
andrea: ginger balls
ginger ale
molly: no no, now my coffee tastes like ginger bc of that
andrea: ginger rodgers
molly: whateverzzzzzz
ginger FACE

We are so mature.

Also, that whole idea of me posting other exciting things in between these weekly posts? Totally not happening. Maybe I need to start another weekly series called "random blog posts" and see how that works.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: why I stick with pineapple

I still gag a little when I read this.
  • 12/7/07 - 11:21pm
andrea: goddammit i hate paypal
molly: i glanced at that and thought you said "i hate papaya"
i was going to tell you to calm down, it's just fruit
andrea: i DO hate papaya
molly: me too
andrea: don't you hush me up
molly: it smells like vomit
andrea: it looks like vomit too
vomit. fruit-shaped
molly: with seeds
andrea: ew

Hasn't killed my love of caps lock though.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: fantasy politics

  • 1/6/08 - 11:07pm

molly: i was going to tell you to listen to the debate but it's just ending
andrea: ew. no
you just give me tho mollystyle highlightsmolly: well i spaced out a little toward the end
but near the beginning they totally set up hilary and barack for a face off
andrea: Man, I need to bone up before the lection
I don't know anything about either of their platforms
molly: charlie gibson was basically all like "so hilary, you say barack obama doesn't ever get specific about any of his issues, why don't you explain why you hate him"
andrea: and all i read of the times are the arts & science sections
molly: and i was all "oooohh snap"
andrea: (just like college! ew.)
molly: yeah you gotta
andrea: and she was all "cuz he's a beeeoootch"
molly: and then barack jumped up and kicked in the face
andrea: and then they had a dance fight
molly: yeah the debates would be much more interesting if it just turned into celebrity deathmatch
oh MAN that would kill me
andrea: no no, celebrity dance match
so much more creative than coming up with speeches and prepared answers
in my movie, the world makes no sense

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Since I seem to have given up on ever getting a real night's sleep, I decided to instead take these precious moments to class up the place a bit more.

The new header is thanks to Liz Wolfe. I discovered her art one day and got excited about it, mainly because it features CANDY! And WEIRD THINGS! So thanks, Liz, even though I don't know you for real real. I think it would be the best thanks if all four of you avid readers go check out her website and start loving it too. Do it.

Meanwhile I'm going to force myself asleep and hopefully not have weird dreams from listening to Pink Floyd at 1:00am.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Widget and Sassoon will blow your mind

It's Monday. It's boring. Andrea and I are job-hating. So why not start a weekly series of ridiculous conversations? Yes? YES.

Enter The Weekly Widget and Sassoon, which will be brought to you fresh every Monday. I'm not gonna lie, we totally stole this idea from Jed and Sara, but maybe they stole it from Dave and Staci and maybe a zillion other blogs doing it because the internet is killing all my "original" thoughts.

ANYWAY we have so many gems archived in Gchat that we can't keep it to ourselves anymore. Also, my blog is suffering from a lack of interesting topics so this will guarantee that I actually post more than once a month.

"Why the hell are you weirdos calling yourselves Widget and Sassoon," you ask? I don't really know. It was Halloween and we were drunk on 40s and mini wines and pretending we were in a Wes Anderson movie.

So YEAH! Let's DO this! I'm too busy (read: LAZY) to search way way back for the super gems, but here's a taste from February to get you started:
  • 2/19/09 - 11:55am
andrea: there's nothing like buying monistat from a grumpy old man first thing in the morning
just nothing.
molly: i hope you gave him sexy eyes
andrea: i'm pretty sure i gave him grumpy eyes...
molly: darn
i almost irished my coffee this morning
came real close
allison had some jameson sitting out and i was like... what if...
andrea: ph MAN
or "oh man"
molly: pppphhhh man is good too
i hear it
andrea: what if...your day was AWESOME
molly: HA

Check back every Monday for more! And check out Andrea's blog too! We'll each be posting a different favorite chat, in no particular order. Although there is a chance we may post the same one some week because we have the SAME BRAIN. I actually wanted to call this series SAME BRAIN but Andrea thought that was lame. She's probably right. Although I don't know how hip Widget and Sassoon is either. Whatevs. You'll love it.