Monday, June 15, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: fantasy politics

  • 1/6/08 - 11:07pm

molly: i was going to tell you to listen to the debate but it's just ending
andrea: ew. no
you just give me tho mollystyle highlightsmolly: well i spaced out a little toward the end
but near the beginning they totally set up hilary and barack for a face off
andrea: Man, I need to bone up before the lection
I don't know anything about either of their platforms
molly: charlie gibson was basically all like "so hilary, you say barack obama doesn't ever get specific about any of his issues, why don't you explain why you hate him"
andrea: and all i read of the times are the arts & science sections
molly: and i was all "oooohh snap"
andrea: (just like college! ew.)
molly: yeah you gotta
andrea: and she was all "cuz he's a beeeoootch"
molly: and then barack jumped up and kicked in the face
andrea: and then they had a dance fight
molly: yeah the debates would be much more interesting if it just turned into celebrity deathmatch
oh MAN that would kill me
andrea: no no, celebrity dance match
so much more creative than coming up with speeches and prepared answers
in my movie, the world makes no sense

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