Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: only 88 days left until Christmas!


That's the sound that Monday makes. I've been spoiled by having the last three Mondays off and now this Monday is eating my soul. I've been here two hours and so far the only productive thing I have done is emptied a file folder, shredded the contents, and then emptied the shredder. The thought of doing much more is agonizing.

So why not start my Christmas shopping? I could at least update my Amazon Wish List in the hope that people actually look at it this year. Sadly, Amazon does not sell creepy laser foxes:

  • 12/3/08 - 3:07pm
molly: i'm freaking out about xmas gifts bc i don't know when i'll have the time to make/buy gifts in the midst of moving
i think everyone will get cookies
andrea: i wish i could get away with that
molly: maybe you can
you can just knit me a mitten
just one
it's ok
andrea: i can't knit
molly: or crochet
whatever the hell that crafty thing you do with yarn is
i don't know
molly: i just want balls
andrea: balls?
molly: crocheted balls
like on the poster
and i want them stuffed inside of that laser fox
andrea: hee hee
molly: oh but it still has to be alive
the laser fox
andrea: no problem
i'll get him
you have to promise to be careful with him though
molly: don't worry
he'll live in the bathtub
until i move out
then he will live under margaret's bed
andrea: hahahahahahah!!
you can't leave him though!
molly: ok fiiiiiine he can live in my giant new living room and teach yoga classes to earn me extra money
andrea: i LOVE this fox
i think his name is geraldine
molly: geraldine's a girl name
andrea: he's french canadian

By the by, if you want to check out these "balls" I speak of, look at Drea's stuff here and here. They're fun.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: why I'm sticking with improv

So I was right. I'm a big ol' sick face today so I took the day off to sit on the couch and eat soup all day and try to get better. Ick.

The plus side is that I caught up with a bunch of random television, the highlight of which was an episode of "Inside the Actor's Studio" with Amy Poehler. Damn, I want her career. When James Lipton asks his famous 10 questions at the end, she gives a serious answer and a comedic answer for each. For example:

"What is your least favorite sound?"
"Serious answer? The sound of anyone in pain. Comedic answer? A man crying while I make love to him."


"If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you enter the pearly gates?"
"Serious answer: 'Come on in.' Comedic answer: 'Your mother was right.'"

Amazing. She's definitely one of the reasons I started doing improv:
  • 8/22/07 - 4:38pm
molly: i'm actually looking into improv classes
but that's whenever i can afford them...
andrea: improv classes, huh?
molly: yep
there's an amy poehler in me just waiting to burst out
i know it
andrea: you're better than amy poehler
hear me now, universe. Molly Cameron is better than Amy Poehler
(that's the universe)
(thanks universe)

OK, that's a stretch, universe and Andrea (but, aw shucks, thanks). I'm currently about to repeat Improv 401, doubting all of my writing skills, and running out of ways to zing my co-workers. Maybe this is just the sick talking, but moments like this make me think too hard about my life and wonder if I should have followed my 12-year-old dream and become a secret agent (because I hear that's really easy).

Anyway. Enough of my September moping. I'll get there eventually. Let's watch some Kaitlin.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

They make it look so easy

I am currently in the thick of my standard Sunday Night Blues with a dash of Starting-To-Get-A-Cold and I'm feeling a little miserable about things. Thank god for this:

Not only is it a great song, but the backup dancers are prime examples of how to correctly smile through an awkward moment. I get the impression that the producer of this show just walked into a random high school, pulled five cute girls out of cheerleading practice, and gave them 10 minutes to come up with some moves. Watch around the 1:08 mark when the girls in the front try to correct one another - HA. The girl on the middle left is my fave - she's got the MOVES.

Let this be a lesson in perseverance to you, kids: when life gives you a stage, you better dance on it. But don't forget that even though Stevie Wonder can't see you, everyone else can.

(Thanks to Jezebel for sharing)

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: why I live in Queens now

When I still lived in Brooklyn, I had a crazypants roommate named Margaret. Yep, that's her real name. Not even gonna change it because I doubt she knows this blog exists. If she does? Oh, hey, HI Margaret! You were a CRAZYPANTS ROOMMATE. But no hard feelings. Hopefully you're living in a happier place now where people fill the Brita to the right level, the silverware isn't exposed to the air, and your hairs are allowed to thrive all over the bathtub.

ANYway... this is a good example of how I felt about living there:
  • 10/15/08 - 11:47am
molly: oops i still haven't told margaret you're coming this weekend
i've barely seen her
let's surprise her and hope she leaves :)
andrea: woop!
molly: let's sneak into her open room while she's sleeping and just stand over her bed with beers in hand until she wakes up
andrea: i'm all in molly: amazing

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

When the first cup of coffee tastes like washing up / you know she's losing it

I saw a woman on the subway this morning with socks that said LISA and I was so excited. Never mind that this woman was probably pushing 60 and didn't need name socks, but still - name socks! Then I got closer and realized, oh, they don't say LISA at all. They say USA. Damn it.

I hate today already.

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: I hate Tuesdays too

Long weekends and Monday holidays are wonderful but they make that back-to-work Tuesday even more painful. You're trying to squish more work into less days and all you want to do is be back at a weekday brunch drinking bellinis. That's when it's nice when the train "suddenly" takes an extra long time. Or you "accidentally" sleep in.
  • 11/13/08 - 12:22pm
molly: so i didn't set my alarm and slept until 10 this morning
andrea: WOOPS
molly: luckily i didn't miss anything important
and i feel nice and rested
i should do this all the time

Friday, September 04, 2009

Killing more fond adolescent memories...

Oh god, really? REALLY? A Green Day musical??

This photo is just... weird:

And Mike Dirnt looks like he'd really rather be elsewhere.

To be fair, American Idiot is miles away from the Green Day of my junior high years. Somebody call me when they make Kerplunk or Dookie into a musical. Now that I would see.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Take a look! It's in a book! But not on TV!

Sad news, friends: "Reading Rainbow" is ending after 26 years of read-alouds. It's found its last pot of literary gold. It's closed the back cover. It's run out of Dewey decimals. It's... ehhh that's all I got.

To be honest, I kind of forgot it was still on, but it always held a warm, nostalgic place in my heart. Plus, it helped me to make the distinction that LeVar Burton was not Geordi La Forge and he was not actually blind, but he was an actor and he liked cool books. (Many years later I would discover Roots and be further confused yet impressed by his career path.)

But most importantly, it reminded us that reading was FUN. Even though it's a bit of an oxymoron to be reading books through TV, I know I still got excited to check out kickass new picture books at the library. Sadly, my local library did not live up to all this hype:

WHOA. Did you hear that sassy librarian hit those belting notes? Also: does anyone else really want neon pink pants right now?

So: thanks LeVar and friends. Without you, I'm sure I would not be as literate as I am today (or as into "Star Trek: The Next Generation"). I'm also sure that we wouldn't have this:

But you don't have to take my word for it... :) :)

Thanks to BUST for filling me in.