Monday, September 28, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: only 88 days left until Christmas!


That's the sound that Monday makes. I've been spoiled by having the last three Mondays off and now this Monday is eating my soul. I've been here two hours and so far the only productive thing I have done is emptied a file folder, shredded the contents, and then emptied the shredder. The thought of doing much more is agonizing.

So why not start my Christmas shopping? I could at least update my Amazon Wish List in the hope that people actually look at it this year. Sadly, Amazon does not sell creepy laser foxes:

  • 12/3/08 - 3:07pm
molly: i'm freaking out about xmas gifts bc i don't know when i'll have the time to make/buy gifts in the midst of moving
i think everyone will get cookies
andrea: i wish i could get away with that
molly: maybe you can
you can just knit me a mitten
just one
it's ok
andrea: i can't knit
molly: or crochet
whatever the hell that crafty thing you do with yarn is
i don't know
molly: i just want balls
andrea: balls?
molly: crocheted balls
like on the poster
and i want them stuffed inside of that laser fox
andrea: hee hee
molly: oh but it still has to be alive
the laser fox
andrea: no problem
i'll get him
you have to promise to be careful with him though
molly: don't worry
he'll live in the bathtub
until i move out
then he will live under margaret's bed
andrea: hahahahahahah!!
you can't leave him though!
molly: ok fiiiiiine he can live in my giant new living room and teach yoga classes to earn me extra money
andrea: i LOVE this fox
i think his name is geraldine
molly: geraldine's a girl name
andrea: he's french canadian

By the by, if you want to check out these "balls" I speak of, look at Drea's stuff here and here. They're fun.

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