Monday, October 05, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: bootard month

October is an exciting time in the land of Widget and Sassoon! Drea and I are hanging out not one, not two, but THREE weekends this month! Insane!

The first 36-hour party went down this weekend when Drea came to NYC and crashed on my granny couch from Friday to Sunday. Highlights included playing Burger Time (which I think should be called Cheeseburger Time - everyone wants cheese, amiright amiright?), wearing matchy-matchy outfits, eating gigantic onion rings, dirty dancing to the Fugees, and watching this video at least 13 times:

We then proceeded to do the Maya/Whitney shoulder shake every time things got really exciting.

Ignoring the part where I randomly got a horrendus stomach flu/food poisoning and ignoring the fact the we both now have gross colds, amazingness was had by all. I can't wait until Part B next weekend. In the meantime, we'll continue to have heart-to-hearts like this one:
  • 1/7/09 - 10:27pm
molly: oh good, you're alive
 andrea: wait, was i dead?   oh, the wine
  i'm dead.
 molly: NOOO
 andrea: trying.
 molly: BE A ZOMBIE
 andrea: bootard
  eating brains.
  so what?
 molly: so
 i am drinking gin, and also getting sleepy
 andrea: ugh. i still have to go back to somerville tonight though
  i want to sew an ipod case
 molly: somerville?
  ha, bugger
  are you british now?
 andrea: that's where joe lives
  no, just a wino
 molly: ahhh
wine brings out the brit
  and gin brings out the CRAZY
  and LAZY
  i am watching blazing saddles on amc and now all i want to do is drink and watch movies all night
andrea: YES
  me too
  but i have to take a bus
  and a shower.
 molly: are you at home?
  brighton home?
 andrea: yeah
 molly: YOU'RE a bootard

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