Monday, October 12, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: Adventures in Pisspot

Round 2 of Widget and Sassoon month wrapped up yesterday and is definitely in the running to be the most memorable. There was less shopping and more bad luck and pouting this time around, but still some web-video-watching and buffet-eating. Sort of a good balance.

The weird part: Andrea got random stomach flu/food poisoning, also late Saturday night, which happened to me last week! Are we germing each other up? I swear I didn't even lick her pillowcase. Luckily I started taking liquid echinacea this weekend and I'm convinced it's saving my immune system (it also makes me feel a little stoned - bonus?).

The sucky part: I lost my phone when we went to Andrea's grandmother's retirement party in Long Island. For real. And I wasn't even drunk! Damn it all. I think it was a sign though as my phone was a piece of crap and now Andrea is sending me her old-but-fancy phone. Yay!
So I've been without a phone for two and a half days now, which is mostly an inconvenience, but also a bit freeing. Want to text me about how annoying the post office is? GOOD LUCK, SUCKERS!

The awesome part: I finally got tattoos! Talk about FANCY. I've been pondering over the idea of getting wings off my ankles for a good two years now and I finally did it. They were perfectly inked by Bryan at New York Adorned and I couldn't be happier with the design. He was a bit of a sass, but in a classic East-Village-tattoo artist way. And yes, it hurt like hell, but I think the total inking process couldn't have been more than 15 minutes. I'd love to post photos, but as I don't own a digital camera, I don't want to post the lame MacBook-Photo Booth version. Photo shoot, anyone?
Oh, and FUN FACT: Not only did Bryan's three-year-old son run around the shop and give us fake flowers while we were waiting, but we were told that Hilary Duff had stopped in right before I arrived to get a small anchor tattooed on her ankle. I suggested that it's so she can sink to the bottom (zing!). Bryan said he wished she got a Duff beer can (HA!).

ANYWAY. Dreaface and I didn't get to spend as much time together as before, but I'm glad she broke her promise about coming to New York. We'll continue the adventures in Borington in a couple weeks.
  • 4/3/09 11:22am
andrea: i'm trying to make it until december without seeing new york
these are my little dreams
molly: you're no fun
andrea: i'm all kindsa rad genius fun
new york is a piss pot
you move to london i'll visit you all the time!
i take it back!
molly: maybe i WILL
you're lucky i come to boring boston
andrea: you shut it
i come to pisspot for you
pissy pissy pisspot
molly: yeah in december maybe
you're missing out on my giant living room and kabirs
andrea: ooooh kabirs....

That's RIGHT! I knew I could lure her with a samosa.

Oh, and here's another SNL clip we enjoyed imitating:


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