Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss is poppin'

Oh WOW what an exhausting weekend.  This marked round three of the Widget and Sassoon marathon, but, sadly, it felt like Drea and I barely saw one another.  Most of my weekend was arranged around a baby shower for my hometown friend Celia which meant most of my weekend was spent on various buses.

The shower was worth the trip.  I got to catch up with buds I haven't seen in months and years and - holy crap - even see old elementary school teachers.  AND I won two baby shower games. (Did you know there were such things as baby shower games? That there could be five different baby shower games in one baby shower?? Neither did I. But apparently I'm good at two of them.)

The downside of all this bus traveling meant that there was only time for one dance party.  Luckily, it was an awesome dance party involving hats.  Also luckily (super segue alert!), we both have awesome apartments now.  It seems like just yesterday that we were both undergoing the painstaking process of apartment searching.  But we know how to weed out the weirdos:

  • 4/28/09 - 5:52pm
So, i'm in the apt emailing stage, hopefully for june
  and this one apt, sent me back a survey to fill out!
 molly: oh dear... beware
  i got stuck at one apartment visit for about 40 minutes once because the girl wanted to interview me using a questionnaire she found online
 andrea: oh my god
  are you kidding?
  over email is one thing, but in person?!
 molly: yep
  and some of the questions were about like my "life goals" and i was all "are you shitting me?"
andrea: wow, invasive
  this one is pretty cheesy
  I usually go to bed...

I'm the late night type

Sometimes early and sometimes late

Before the 10 p.m. news

How do you feel about overnight guests?

My home is their home

I'll speak up when it gets out of control

I'd be more comfortable discussing it first
 molly: yeah, that's cheesy
 and a little lazy, since it means they don't even want to meet you and ask you these questions in person
 andrea: it also had questions like "hobbies?
  favorite tv show?
 molly: oh dear
  you should make up a ridiculous hobby
 "i'm training for ace of cakes and i need to build and 8-foot tall cake shaped like historical figures once a week"
 molly: "i like fire dancing and i can only practice on the roof"
 andrea: "I'm really into LARPing, buti can only have meetings in my house"
 they emailed me back to come see the place 11 minutes after i sent the survey back
 molly: AAHAAAA
  because you added the line about LARPing? ;)
 andrea: no, I used the ace of cakes one
 molly: word!

Right now I'm back in my sweet abode, watching Kill Bill: Vol 2, eating soba, and procrastinating unpacking.  Procrastinating everything that involves advancing toward the rest of the week, really.  The only thing keeping me going is the hope of some kind of awesome Halloween happening over the weekend. 

Hmmm, what to be.  Liza?

Or Suri?

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