Monday, May 03, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: in which we attempt to motivate ourselves and show early signs of bad parenting skills

The thought of ever maybe possibly being a parent is TERRIFYING to me.  What if you forget them at the grocery store?  What if they're boring?  What if you break them??  Man, I ask those questions about myself.

molly: grug
i'm working saturdays for the next two weeks
  at least my overtime pay starts tomorrow
 andrea: oh man, that sucks
  but overtime pay doesn't suck
  i don't work on daturday
but i'm broke broke broke
  ha! daturday

 molly: it could be dadurday - a dad's lame attempt at weekend bonding
  "c'mon kids, get up, we're all going for pancakes and a baseball game because it's DADURDAY!"
andrea: hahaha! that sounds MISERABLE
 molly: "and then you're going to shut up and get me beers while i watch the news"
andrea: oh man, i want a beer
  and dinner
i was going to go to the gym after work, but i'm so hungry, i don't think i'll make it through
molly: eat a snack before you go
andrea: blaaaargh
 molly: you'll feel so much better after, i bet!
 andrea: what if i drink a beer instead, and just go tomorrow?
  i bet i will too, but i'm so laaaazy
  i haven't gone all week
  i'm the worst
also, i fucking hate two year olds

molly: me too
  they're so self-involved
  it's like "me! me! me!" all the time
 andrea: you should see him, sitting here staring at me
 molly: jesus, kid, just learn how to cook your own omelet already
 andrea: can you think of nothing else to do but stare at me, baby?!
  aren't babies supposed to play?!
he has toys for days, but he just stares at me!
  or tries to hang all over me!
if I stand up, he'll stand up, but otherwise, he just lies on the ground like a despondent little midget

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