Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: powhiskey?

I just wrapped up yet another weekend of living far beyond my means.  It was totally worth it, as most extravagant weekends are, but I'm hurting.  I could use a po' man's anything right now (but not extra pores, thanks).

andrea: there are no jobs for me
  i'm going to resort to killing myself
 molly: no no, don't do that!
  who will cut my bangs for me?
  and offer fashion advice via ichat??
andrea: oh dear
  good popint

molly: is that like the po' man's pint?
  "i'll have a popint of bud"
 andrea: yes!
  that's what I need...
 molly: me too
  but not bud
andrea: more like a poredstripe
 molly: HAAA
  sounds like "with pores"

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