Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: Dear Bjork - please give me a job

Holy shit you guys: what a fucking MON-DAY.  I had a glorious weekend - sleeping, dancing, drinking, cooking, "True Blood"-ing (aaah, why I am so addicted?) - and then it all went downhill starting at roughly 10:01am this morning.  Payroll, banking, spreadsheets, photos, and emails got the better of me for a straight 10 hours or so - I didn't even have time to hide in the bathroom and bang my head against the wall.  Finally, I stumbled home, so psyched to put on my jammies and chill out with my pals Bravo and Sabra, and discovered my entire fucking wardrobe rack had broken in half and I had clothes all over my room.  Thanks a bunch, Monday!!!

I shouldn't be so over-dramatic.  I did find temporary extra space for my clothes in our hall closet and I am currently in my jammies eating hummus and watching mindless television despite all this.  It just doesn't give me much hope for the rest of this week.

All of this has nothing to do with mine and Drea's Bjork and "Biggest Loser" obsessions, but it does make for a nice contrast.

molly: i'm having such a bjork day
 andrea: that sounds colorful and awesome
 molly: it's mildly depressing, but still awesome
 i wish she was here serenading me in person
 andrea: don't we all
 molly: "bachelorette" is my jam lately
 andrea: that's a really good one
 molly: it's so dramatic
 andrea: you know what's dramatic? the biggest loser
  dear god the TEARS
 just put the donut down, lady. it's cool.
 molly: oh yeah, that too
  oh my god, they should have bjork as a GUEST JUDGE
 andrea: HAHAHA
 molly: then the world would explode
  can you imagine???
 it would be like when she was on spaceghost
 andrea: oh my god, that was AMAZING
 molly: they'd ask her questions and she's answer in nonsense words
  yeah, i want to watch that right NOW
 andrea: with her odd little accent
 molly: "large persons, you have to run with the horses and sunshine and love your pink hearts and no more eating cakes"
  "sneakers are shiny and laughter"
 andrea: oh my god.

molly: it's like engrish
 andrea: only better

Yeah, I do want to watch that right now:

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andrea said...

All I want to do after work now is watch TV, drink dranks, and paint my nails while watching hours and hoooouuuurs of space ghost.

oh, and sneakers ARE shiny and laughter.