Sunday, July 04, 2010

Blah blah, America, blah blah, GERRY BAMMAN!

Yay, America, it's your birthday, let's drink beers and light things on fire!  Sure, I'm happy to have an extra-long weekend of lounging around in minimal clothing and eating grilled things, but I have more important news to share.

Last week I went to the opening of A Winter's Tale (half of this summer's Shakespeare in the Park) at the Delacorte and not only did I get a free tote bag and lots of beers, but GERRY BAMMAN was playing Antigonus!  Here he is on the right:

I know, you're thinking "Gerry Whothewhats??"  I wouldn't have recognized him just from his name, but the minute I heard him speak I realized it was fucking UNCLE FRANK.

Yes, the man who voiced Home Alone memorables like "If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my reading glasses" and "It's real!  It's real crystal!  Put it in your purse" and of course:

I'm sure Gerry is a great guy in real life, but I gotta say, it was kinda fulfilling to see Antigonus get eaten by a bear (even if it was a giant shadow puppet).

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