Monday, July 12, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: this just in!

I was totally about to post a real lazy, cop-out Widget and Sassoon about sending Andrea a sandwich via carrier pigeon, but then we had a better conversation right THIS very moment.  Eat it up:

andrea: too. much. real. housewives.
 me: clueless. on. HBO.
 andrea: oh MAN
  i'm so jealous
 me: it JUST started too, which means i'm never going to bed
  poor dead brittany murphy :(
 andrea: so mad
  oh shit, you just took it there
 me: yup

Also, I totally forgot Jeremy Sisto cameos in this as that creepster "snob-and-a-half" Elton!  What!

Yup.  Watching this all night and then waking up and wearing a headband.

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