Friday, July 30, 2010

DCM 12: Let's rock this rodeo

Today is day one of the Del Close Marathon at UCB and I am PUMPED.  It's weird - at this time last year I was even more inside the UCB bubble than I am now.  I was interning, taking classes, and seeing shows all the time.  Now, with my team on an indefinite hiatus (tears!) and my internship done, I haven't been to any shows in a long long time and I feel totally out of the loop.  Still, maybe I'll have a different sort of love and appreciation for everything now that I'm coming at it from the "outside."

I did pass Matt Besser on the street yesterday and my improv nerd radar went off like WHOA.  I think I'm ready.  Plus I'm working a box office shift that starts tonight and goes into the wee hours of the morning so that should get me back on the wagon pretty fast.  Man, I'm sucking at analogies right now.

Whatever.  Watch this:

Upright Citizens Brigade
Shut UP!
Roast of David HasselhoffBig LakeIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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