Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: the cooking show edition

I just ran into my friend/neighbor/co-worker/partner-in-bad-pun-making Michael at the grocery store.  I surprised him by holding a jar of the finest salsa in front of his head until he looked at it.  Then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: "I need Drano and celery"

Michael: "I need water and beer"

Long pause...

Michael: "This is sad... OK bye!"

And then I went home to eat vegetables and hummus and salsa and Triscuits and beer (I bought more than I intended... damn impulse buys) which I am still consuming while listening to the amazing new Books album.  If only Andrea was online to make funnies and coach me through cooking something awesome, maybe I wouldn't be feeling like such a lazy butt right now.

so i just went to this bbq and drank a bunch of jam wine
and now i'm soooo sleepy
  and its ten
  i rule
plus, i can't reach the lamp from my bed here, so i'm just here in the dark talking to you and watching weeds
 me: ha!
  i'm still listening to old mixtapes
  and about to cook a bunch of stuff for the week
  like... rice? i guess?
 andrea: mix herbs in with it and make green rice!
  cooking for the weekissmart
  i'm waaaaay too tired for that
me: it's more motivating when i'm the only one home and can blast music while i do it
andrea: yeah, i think my roommate is cookingfor the week right now actually
  roommatesmakeme uncomfortable
and for my space bar to stop acting like an idiot
 me: ha!
  i just read that as if you were mumbling it really fast
also, you're a genius, i'm totally making cilantro-scallion rice
 andrea: boom
  doesn't that sound so much more exciting than regular rice?
me: totes
 andrea: squirt some lime juice in there
me: oooh i actually have the end of a lime to use up!
 andrea: i am a genius
 me: also: what a good reason to have a shot of tequila!
 andrea: yes!
  blue sky solutioneering!
 me: haaaa
ooops.... moldy lime :(
 andrea: lame!
  lame lime
 me: HAAAA i was just going to write that!


andrea said...

I. Love. Cooking. Seriously, summer kills it or me, because its too damn hot to cook anything. I just got home and was able to cook today, and its SO RELAXING.

We should do cooking lessons! Start eating meat!

RavenMcCoy said...

Hells no to the meat. Hells yes to the cooking lessons (because you mean like a show, right? Like LL Cool J?)