Friday, July 23, 2010


YOU GUYS.  THINGS ARE TERRIBLE.  I do not have an iPod today.  I rode the subway in silence and walked down the streets to the sound of city noise and people.  I'm dying.

You see, I made a very simple attempt to sync Jerry this morning by plugging him into my laptop - easy peasy.  (And yes, my iPod is a man and his name is Jerry.  He is named after the rabbi who helped me afford to buy him.  Long story.  Deal with it.)  HOWEVER.  Jerry would not sync up.  I realized the screen was frozen so I held down the magic buttons to restart it.

And then there was an awful blip, a blip like when you shut off an old TV set and there's a flash and then nothing but one horizontal line across the screen.  My iTunes suddenly threw a prompt at me that I needed to download restoration software.  OH CRAP.

Essentially, Jerry somehow erased his entire contents and I had to restore the factory settings and reload his entire being.  Frightening, sure, but doable.  Unless, like me at that moment, you are already late for work and you can't sit and watch all 50-60gb slowly reload.  I was torn.  If Jerry had hands, I would sit and hold them, but I alas - all I could do was hope it would be OK and run out the door, sans soundtrack.

I don't know how this happened.  Is it because the last album I was listening to was Siamese Dream and Jerry got too angsty and tried to kill himself?  Or maybe I'm just being taught a lesson, a challenge to live my life without constantly DJing the background music.  Luckily I'm at work now where I can listen to endless internet music, but what about when I have to leave?  How will I walk to the bank without "Sandcastle Disco?"  How will I survive the subway ride home without some Bowie??  I just might not.  What if I get home and Jerry's DEAD???

Hold me.

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andrea said...

What kind of phone did you get? You should load some music on that. Trust me, I feel your no-ipod pain.