Monday, July 05, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: I also like Heinz baked beans, suckahs

I think a Marmite and cheese would actually be a lovely addition to this slightly-hungover, lying-on-the-couch-in-my-underwear, watching-Independence-Day-moment that I'm having.  Wash that down with your haterade, Dreaface!

 andrea: what's a marmite and cheese?
 molly: umm.... like the sandwich?
 or do you mean what's marmite and what's cheese?
 andrea: i think?
 molly: because if so, lady, you gotta put down the vaporizer
  (can you put down a vaporizer??)
 andrea: you can put down mine
 me too
  marmite and cheese, yes
  please define
 molly: i feel like i'm operating on a zombie level
 andrea: me too, i'm just lying here, too paralyzed by fatigue to walk the two blocks back to my house
 because Joe and Pat are sitting on the end of the bed playing video games
  until the end of time
  but now i need to know what a marmite and cheese is
 molly: i'm very tempted to have some coffee, but that might be bad
 andrea: because i read it in one of your old posts
  and all i can think about is vegemite and cheese
  and that sounds gross
  no coffee at 11:30
 molly: that's pretty much it
 andrea: EW
 molly: marmite = brit vegemite
 andrea: WHY?
 molly: and it's GREAT
 andrea: why would anyone EAT that?
 molly: behold the power of google:
 andrea: i thought about goggling it, but then i thought i'd rather ask you
 molly: yay! i've trumped google!!
  take that, internet!!
andrea: ew, AND butter?
  (the marmite page finally loaded)
molly: marmite is SO good on buttered toast
  you don't know what you're missing
 andrea: hee heee heee
  they have a hate version of their page
  that is guh-rate

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