Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: She's (we's) crafty

Andrea rolls back into town in just 4 days and I'm psyched out of my brains.  I think I should run out and buy puff paint just in case arts-and-crafts hour really happens this time.  Oh man, to think of all the hand-decorated clothes I rocked 15 or so years ago and then so carelessly gave away with no whim that I could have worn it all again in an acceptable, ironic, fashionable way!

me: i think we should play with puff paint when i visit
  let's puff paint an entire sock
 andrea: ha!
  just one?
 me: um.... yah
 then you have to wear a completely normal, blank sock with it

 andrea: awesome

 me: i'm creative like that
  i remember when i was like 8 or 9 my friend had her birthday party at a craft store and we puff-painted t-shirts
i think i made a picture of a crazy person
  i would kill to have that now
 andrea: that's amazing
 me: and i had a pink sweatshirt that i puff painted too!
 andrea: i just wrote my name over and over with like, rainbows when we did that at my birthday
 me: ha

And yeah, I'd TOTALLY wear a shirt covered with Andreas and rainbows too, just in case you were curious.

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