Monday, August 16, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: Is there still enough summer left for fat camp?

Both my roommates have been gone for about a week and I've been using this home-alone time to be as obnoxious and slobby as possible: walking around without pants, singing bad opera in the shower, and loudly watching bad TV.  But mostly, I've been openly eating like CRAP.  Not like I think my roommates judge what I eat when they're here, but there's something about being alone in the apartment that makes it okay to eat pickles rolled up in Tofurkey slices over the sink and dip strawberries into leftover cupcake frosting.

The downside of this is that I'm going to need some serious Jillian Michaels treatment by the weekend.  Of course, it's so much easier to just laugh at the people on "The Biggest Loser" instead of actually working out:

andrea: there are SO MANY plugs on this show
  and they're gratuitous
 the trainer comes in and is all "HEY GUYS! how about some Jenni-o 99% fat free ground turkey?!! YAAAAAY!!!!"
 me: oh my god, yeah
 andrea: or they'll come in and be like " know what's awesome?...ziploc bags."
 me: and all the gum!
 andrea: yes!
 me: it's like "you don't need FOOD"
 andrea: extra sugar free!
 me: chew this entire pack of gum and cry!
 andrea: chew it you fatties!
  instead of food!

Too bad gum just makes me want more food.  Ah well, off to stuff a few more peanut-butter-covered cupcake pieces into my gullet before bedtime!  Mmmm.

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