Saturday, August 21, 2010


Crap, I did it again.  I forgot all about my very important Five Year Blogiversary!  It was officially last Saturday, but apparently I was actually out doing stuff and being all social on that day (and since then) that I haven't had time to catch up - go me!

Someday when I am a Big Important Blog, maybe I'll give away prizes and such when I hit seemingly important milestones, but until then, you'll just have to look at this and pretend you ate one too:

That adorable red velvet cupcake looks like it's saying "Happy Fifth Birthday, Cukr Kazdy Den!" right?  (Actually, it's saying "Happy Belated Birthday, Co-Worker Kenneth, I said I was going to make you cupcakes like a whole effing month and a half ago so here they are, sorry" but... use your imagination.)

Man, when I turned five, I think my mom made me a cake shaped like a clown and my dad did magic tricks for me and my party guests on our front porch - what happened to those days?

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