Monday, August 09, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: summer > winter

Dreaface was in town this weekend and we had the most jam-packed-yet-relaxing two days of super funsies ever.  Highlights included pizza in a cone, Spa Castle body temperature adjustments, edamame dumplings, neon nails, Japanese groceries, and a Cake Shop dance fest.

Andrea is my best friend, but there are some things we will never agree on.  Number one is probably whether or not summer is better than winter (OF COURSE IT IS).  Another one is whether or not Bethenny Frankel is crazy or awesome (FREAKSHOW):

me: what are you watching?
 andrea: bethenny getting married
 me: oh dear
 and yet, if i were home now i'd probably be watching it too
  her face is terrifying
 andrea: i <3 her
  i have a lady boner for Bethenny Frankel
me: eeewwww
 her jaw is like someone shoved a baking sheet into her face
 andrea: very descriptive...
 me: i've thought about this a lot

But these arguments never last long.  There's too much dancing to do.

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