Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: the future

As of this moment, I only have a little more than three days left as a full-timer at CAP21.  Amazing.  People keep asking me where I'm going and what my plans are and I keep giving vague answers like "I'm pursuing a number of options" and "somewhere... that's not... here".  Truth is: I have no idea.  Also truth: I'm psyched about it. 

I mean, I do have plans to find something new, for sure.  At this point though, I just want any job that doesn't make me want to hide in bathroom and bang my head against the stall door all day.  If that something can also give me a salary and insurance, even better.  I'm lucky enough to have some money to float on for awhile if I need to, though, so it wouldn't hurt to use this bit of free time to re-examine what I might want to do with my life.  Like finally start that drums-and-tambourine band with Andrea:

me: aw yeah, fashion plates!
 my friend sophie had a ton of those and i was so jealous
 what were sweet secrets?
andrea: they were these little dolls that folded into like weird compact things
  but the best part was all their furniture which folded out of accessories
 so like, there was a brush that turned into a car

me: whoaaa weird
  they have weirdo torsos
 andrea: they have jeweled torsos
 you should be so lucky
 me: they're like girly transformers
  also, i'm starting a band called hairdryer patio
 andrea: oh my god, totally off topic, my sweet tooth will not quit
  i want like, a tube of cinnamon rolls right now
  also, hairdryer patio, yes
  i'm on drums
 me: ok fine
  but i get to tambourine
  and that's it - drums and tambourine
 andrea: god we rule
 me: we sure do
  oh, and we'll have really high pitched vocals
  like, fake opera
 andrea: WIN
  i'm not touring though
  we can do one offs
  i say we only tour when we need a vacation
  and even then we'll play like one show and relax the rest of the time
 we'll send out a bulletin, "just some meet us at the bar and we'll sing all high pitchy for you while you buy us g &t's"

Hairdryer Patio: keepin' it real.  Brace yourself for some amazing merch. 

(Oh, and by the way: wanting to eat a tube of cinnamon rolls is never off-topic and is in fact relevant to any conversation.)

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andrea said...

I'm so sorry I read this right now. Because now I want a tube of cinnamon rolls so bad I could cry.