Monday, June 14, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: an ode to burritos

Tonight I ate Mexican food without Andrea.  It just wasn't the same.  I couldn't choose only one conversation to drive this point home, so here are five samplins':

 molly: i think we share some brains
 god i need to get out of work
 andrea: i need a burrito  andrea: I didn't get a picture of the three legged pug :(
 molly: boooh
 andrea: but, I did just eat the greatest burrito of my young life
 molly: "thanks molly.... tholly"
 andrea: thanks burrito...
 andrea: you're nuts
  i want a burrito  andrea: no, thank god, because I'm lying on the carpet watching tv on the internet and trying not to run out to get the burrito
  ha ha "the" burrito
 molly: oh i know
  THE burrito
  THAT burrito
 andrea: THE BURRITO
  every burrito...
  andrea: oh yeah!
 i knew i knew her from somewhere
  i want a burrito

I just decided "burrito" is one of those words that look ridiculous after cutting-and-pasting it multiple times.  Also, I think I just set myself up for a peanut-butter-obsessed-Molly post.

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