Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: special skills

I am being a super duper multi-tasker tonight!  Not only am I writing this blog post, but I'm also watching Winter Olympics figure skating, trying to pick my next UCB class (holy shit my internship got extended!), and revising my Storytelling draft.

OK, actually, if I broke it down it's more like 75% writing this post, 15% picking a class, 8% watching figure skating (sequins!), and 2% revising (I don't even have the document open... I'm doing it in my head).

HEY!  You know who ELSE is a super multi-tasker?  Dreaface with her crazy spacephone!  (Nice transition huh?)  As much as I want to pretend I'm too cool to want an iPhone, I'm totally not.  Of course I want an iPhone.  I just know I can't handle it yet - monetarily or mentally.  I'm still excited about the fact that my current phone has a camera.  But if/when I do get one, I sure won't do this:
  • 10/1/09 - 10:32am
 andrea: biking to the gym, i'll be back on when i get there
 molly: you're gonna gchat while you work out?? puh-lease

11 minutes
 andrea: HE'LL YES I am!
 I'm totally chatting and watching indomercials while I ellipticise
 molly: you're THAT girl
 what's an indomercial?
 andrea: Infomercial
  Which girl? Texty girl?
 molly: girl who uses her phone while ellipticising
  at least you're not talking on it though
 andrea: No, I would never
 molly: actually, i meant you're marlo thomas from that '70s tv show
 andrea: Whatever man, I didn't get the iPhone so I could NOT text while I workout
molly: whateverzzz

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andrea said...

Let me just tell you something, I wasn't at the time, but I am totally in love with Marlo Thomas. She has been appearing on SVU as a martini swilling sassy judge, and every time I see her I'm like "MARLO!" So, in conclusion, yes, I am THAT GIRL!