Monday, February 01, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: good thing I'm not a nanny

I hate to be a cliche, but oh my god you guys, MONDAY. Christ-on-a-bicycle-Mary-Magdalene-Peter-Frampton MONDAY.  Maybe my alarm interrupted my delicate sleep cycle at the wrong moment or something today, but GOOD GOD, I've been wanting to break shit since I stepped out of the shower.  Crazy workplace drama isn't helping.

If I were Drea though, I'd be dealing with poopy pants drama instead of sassy pants drama (yes, it's a fine line).  We trade horror stories throughout the day of babies vs. staff meetings and seem to conclude that both options are equally dreary.  Luckily I'm getting better at handling theatre people, but babies?  Sheesh, I don't even know how to change a diaper.

  • 8/5/09 - 9:58am

 andrea: so, get this, I put Sloane down like an hour ago, and she hasn't gone to sleep yet
  but she's screaming like a tantruming banshee
 molly: maybe you need to sing her a lovely song
 andrea: and I have things to do
  so... I could just go pick her up, and put her in the stroller and go do those things, since she's not going to sleep anyway
 now I'm angry at her, and I don't want to give her the satisfaction of me giving in and picking her up
  what is WRONG with me?
molly: nothing's wrong with you, the screaming banshee baby is facahked
  i would just put her in the stroller but i don't know anything about babies
would that mess up her sleep schedule
 andrea: but I'm so MAD at her
 molly: or actually make her smugly happy?
 andrea: grrrrr MAD
 molly: not sure
 andrea: i feel like it'll make her smugly happy
 plus its hot out
  and while I do have things to do, I don't necessarily want to go outside...
  decisions of an immature nanny
 molly: eh, just let her scream and be a brat then
andrea: yeah, that's what I was thinking
  thanks for the support
 molly: anytime

So yeah.  Don't ever ask me to babysit until your kid is like, ten years old.

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