Monday, January 18, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: because all my jeans are falling apart

Friends, I gotta start this by saying I just went to a bar alone for the first time ever and liked it a little too much.  I've always been afraid to go to a bar without company, thinking I would feel very sad and/or get hit on by crazy old men.  Well, I just started a Storytelling class at UCB and our first assignment was to do something outside of our comfort zone so, boom, why not try it?  The verdict: a little sad/scary at first, but once you get some gin in you it's kind of amazing.  I sat there for a good hour, people-watching and writing random things in my notebook that felt genius but will probably seem lame tomorrow.  I cheated a little by going to my favorite bar, but still, baby steps.

I do, however, need to cut back on the drinking and the post-drinking tortilla-chip-eating that comes with it.  My thighs are starting to scare me.  Here's an ode to health (and T-ball):

  • 7/8/09 - 10:26am
andrea: so, my new favorite healthy snack in THE WORLD is radishes on toast
seriously, i could eat this til i'm dead
molly: i'll have to try that
 andrea: its sooooo good, on buttered toast with salt & pepper & a little hot flakes!
ooh and lettuce sometimes
 molly: sounds like slug food
andrea: no, awesometown food
 molly: awesometown slugs
  that's like the name of a t-ball team
 andrea: hell yes it is
  and they always win the championship and get to go to pizza hut
 molly: yessss
  i sense a movie deal

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