Monday, January 04, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: couch dreams

I'm back at work today.  Luckily it's really slow and the big bosses aren't here, but it still means I had to put on real clothes and get up far too early.  Also, I am being plagued with pinching headaches that only seem to be remedied by keeping my glasses on.  NERD.

I wish I was still home watching TV all day in my pajamas... although that's probably what's caused this glasses situation.  If I could insert a picture of myself here, it would be me all nerdy-glasses, harumphing loud enough to make my bangs fly around.
  • 6/3/09 - 12:10pm
 andrea: sometimes when i watch too much tv it really brings home how much people nauseate me
but mostly that's because tori & dean isn't on.
 molly: so.... tori and dean make you feel happy and fuzzy inside?
 andrea: mm hmm
 molly: you're weird
 andrea: i know it
 molly: and tori looks like a dude
 andrea: i make no apologies
  she looks like a frog dude
  a harse dude
  a horsefrog dude
 they should call it horsefrog dude & dean
 molly: HA, harse dude
 andrea: hee hee
 molly: that could be a nickelodeon show
 andrea: yes!
  on right after willow & the centipedes
  which is another show i just made up
 molly: HA i almost believed you
  that show sounds like it would be creepy
 andrea: it would be fun and joyous
  and a little creepy
molly: that could also be a band name... for a creepy band
andrea: full of creep shows
  that sings about bugs

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