Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's about 5pm on New Year's Eve and I still have no idea what I'm doing tonight.  I'm slightly sick, very broke, and feeling disgruntled about every outfit I own so going "out" is slowly being crossed off the list.  It's looking like I'll either be headed to my bud Rebecca's parents' loft to drink and slide around the floor in my socks or staying here to drink and... not wear socks.  I'm edging toward Rebecca's parents' place if only because it will ensure that I take a shower and change out of gym clothes.

I keep trying to make some "Best Of" lists, but I really suck at it.  Instead, I'll leave you with some self-centered, stream-of-consciousness thoughts about my decade and my year.  Deal with it.

- The end of high school.  Did I ever mention that my prom theme was "2001: A Space Odyssey"?  And that it was under a circus tent and there was popcorn and cotton candy?  What the crap was that about?
- I miss college dining halls because you could eat frozen yogurt and Froot Loops for breakfast and your mom couldn't care.
- I was a big dork about Brecht for a long while.

I still kinda am.
- Going to Prague for a semester was the best decision ever.  I discovered gin & tonic, Egon Schiele,

Viennese coffee, and Daft Punk.  And it's a nice pretentious thing to throw into conversations.
- I used to live in a giant house on Fletcher Place in Burlington, VT that we called "Sketcher Fletcher." It was freezing and usually dirty.
- Summer theatre jobs = mostly slave labor.
- Living in London for six months is tied as "best decision ever." I would move back there in a heartbeat.
- I've only lived in NYC for about 2.7 years and I've already lived in three different boroughs.
- Discovering UCB and the people within it has been the perfect boost I needed to make me feel like I finally belong in this city.
- I can't listen to Pretty & Nice and not dance.

- I'm so glad I started listening to David Bowie.

- Thank all the gods and all the stars that I no longer live in Brooklyn with crazypants.
- Blonde Redhead is never quite as good live as you want them to be.
- Biking in Astoria really isn't so terrifying.  Manhattan probably is though.
- I have so many un-listened-to podcasts and so little time.
- I will never stop loving the Dooce.
- Long-form improv is probably not as hard as my brain is trying to make it.
- Deerhoof and Ted Leo are always good live.

- I am turning into a horrible compulsive shopper.
- Hip hop class always makes me feel better.
- Oh my gosh, beets and radishes are actually pretty tasty!
- I'm so glad I still listen to David Bowie (every day).

Just a heads up, I'm totally going to refer to 2010 as "oh ten." Don't try and correct me.


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