Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: holidazzze

It is so spectacularly stupendous to be on vacation.  I was actually pretty productive today, but I'm taking an 11am bus home tomorrow and have not packed anything at all.  Instead I'm getting far too emotionally involved in Access Hollywood's coverage of Brittany Murphy's death (holy celebrity death year, 2009!) and eating tons of kettlecorn.  Once my roommates get home we're having our own mini Christmas with boozing and bonding.  Look at our Charlie-Brown-ish tree (in horrible Macbook camera lighting):

Awwww, cute.  The best part is that we actually have SNOW!  I ran around in it on Saturday night (during a Home Alone party!), but sadly it's already turned into dirty puddles.  Nothing fun about it once your socks get wet.
  • 12/17/08 - 11:51am
molly: is it raining there?
 andrea: wintry mix
 molly: i love that term "wintry mix"
  it makes me think that chex mix should be falling from the sky
 andrea: i hate it
  because it sounds fun
 molly: or candy canes and mittens
 andrea: exactly, but in reality, its awful
Hopefully things will be more festive in New Hampshire - at least there will be amazing Christmas vinyl to listen to!  Shake it, Herb!

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