Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekly Widget and Sassoon: gettin' the shakes

For Andrea's birthday I got her a giant coffee mug featuring this fine quip:

Deciding to ride your bike without a helmet is a beacon of hope for those in need of new organs

Dreabutt rides without a helmet ALL THE TIME and I mom her to death about it but I think she's still being a reckless freak.  Had I remembered this conversation, however, I might have thought twice before encouraging her excessive coffee consumption:
  • 6/30/09 - 9:18am
andrea: get me a job
  i would like to work on a space station
  making pizza
  but I want to be able to come down whenever I like
and I'd like that to take not more than...say an hour
  oh, and Megan McCain is a stupid bag of twat
molly: wow, good morning to you
 andrea: :0
  I wish I could make that little guy raise his fist in the air, all glory-like
  (i"ve had too much coffee)
 molly: i have not had nearly enough
 i've been having insane insomnia lately
  it sucks
  i'm thinking about starting a fight club
 andrea: ooooh...can I be the documentarian/CHAMPION?
molly: documentarian? sure
  you just TRY
 andrea: oh just you wait, I'm about to go get cuppa coffee number 3


1 comment:

andrea said...

hoohahoohahoohahoohah. I'll have you people know, that mug she bought me is BIG. and I have had three cups already today. She's an ENABLER. Don't let her fool you.