Saturday, January 09, 2010

I should see if this dude is hiring

So maybe he is nuts, but at least this dude is getting away with labeling "let's play dress up and run around" as "performance art":

I find that I can float above the everyday doldrums of my normal world, if I just create my own imaginary reality, and carry it with me on my body every second of everyday as a costume. Sometimes when I’m on the subway, I imagine that I’m a Milkman lost in time. I don’t know where the train is going, understand the map, or know the time and place I am sitting. Because I don’t feel comfortable in place, I feel most comfortable being out of place. Perhaps this is why people seek a soulmate and a family, in order to feel that they have a place. I decided to find that special place in my artwork.

I don't know about you, I could totally go for some candy crack delivered by a dude with a fish head right now.

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