Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is CRAP

I thought I had scored a perfect second job today, but no, no, just another illusion. I dropped my resume/CV at this fancy little gourmet foods shop yesterday and got a phone call later that afternoon saying, yes, they were hiring, and, gee, my CV looked great. Excitement ensued.

But then, I meet with a completely different snotty French woman this morning and things are not so fairy tale anymore.
"No, we need someone more flexible than that. I already have TWO part-timers."
And I am whisked away the moment her cappucino arrives.

So basically I woke up early to prettify myself - including ironing my skirt, which I never do - I blow-dried my hair, timed the ride on the tube perfectly, arrived at 10:00 on the dot, only to sit down for a 60-second rejection. Fine! I don't need your fine cheeses and quince paste ANYWAY!!

But inside, I'm crushed. This job really looked promising. Now I don't know where to look. I really don't want to work at the Gap ... even if it is London.

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