Monday, October 10, 2005


So...I thought of all these exciting things to write about but they seem to have flown out of my head. Hmm.....


I suppose I'll make a random list.

Here are my top five exciting moments/events/things of the day (yet in a random order):
1) The sun is out. Woo.
2) I finally had an interview today for a receptionist position at a hostel, which would be a cool job because I can wear whatever the hell I want and practice my foreign language skills.
3) I had a tasty cappucino with vanilla sugar on top.
4) I went to Hyde Park for the first time and it was lovely.
5) I look cute in a pink cardigan.

Wow, number 4 and 5 are kind of stretching it, but it's one of those "eh" days. I needed to make myself think of those things though so I can try to overshadow the fact that my iPod is busted, I am still unemployed and yet flying through my traveler's cheques like nobody's business, and my shoulders hurt like hell from walking all over the city with my over-stuffed messenger bag.

But at least I look cute in a pink cardigan.

And in sugar-infested food news, I went to Portobello Road Market this weekend and had a fantabulous crepe with Nutella. Heaven. And I also tried a mini package of mini Jammie Dodgers. They're swell after a pint. Really.

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