Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I was all sunshine and giggles until...

I was so happy to finally be home at a reasonable hour tonight because I could finally DO THE LAUNDRY! YAAAAY! It's cooler than a roller coaster! OK, maybe not, but I was excited to wash things because this means I don't have to keep wearing the same pants over and over.

I decided to use the machines in the basement of my building, which I don't often do because there are no change machines and there's no where to sit and hang out, meaning I have to walk the four flights of stairs multiple times. I suppose I could hang out, but it's a little scary down there and I'm always afraid that the cat-sized rat and the Blair Witch are hanging out the dank corners. BUT I did the laundry there anyway because I had the exact amount of needed quarters and the laundromat was closed anyway. Little did I know everything was going to suck.

I washed a giant load (only $1.50!), transferred it to the dryer, started that up (only $1.00!!), and went on my merry way back to my apartment to wait it out. But, oh man, when I returned to fetch my fresh and warm clothes, they were STILL WET. What the crap?? I know it definitely started because I put the money in and watched it go. And it said the cycle was finished so it must have run the full time... right?? I had no choice but to take them out because I had no more quarters.

My only conclusion is that the rat or the witch decided to be extra sinister and opened the dryer door and closed it again just to mess everything up. And then they watched in their respective corners and laughed their extra sinister laughs when I came to get my stuff and yelled in shock and anger. So now my apartment is draped (rather creatively, I might add) with wet articles of clothing. Good thing I currently live alone because there is underwear on every doorknob.

So my moral is: don't do laundry in the basement. I should know by now that the laundromat is far cooler anyway because they play Spanish soap operas on the telly and have a cushy couch for waiting for dry clothes in comfort.

Fuck you, laundry basement monsters.

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