Saturday, March 07, 2009

Aw shucks

Watch out internets: my friend Andrea has joined the blogosphere.

I'm sure I've mentioned her before - she's also known as Drea Drea, Dreaface, and Fancy Miss Sexypants (um... she doesn't know about that last one). I'm guessing was taken, so you'll have to go to instead. Go! Do it! I'm even adding her to my sidebar, that's how special she is.

I was going to announce her blog by jealously pointing out how often she writes (sometimes THREE times a DAY, people) and making up excuses for why I don't update often enough (I update Twitter instead! I'm working too much! I'm doing really important stuff!), but then I read this. She totally wrote precious compliments about my anti-social behavior! Awww, it feels so justified now!

Well, in return, Dreaface: I get totally baffled about all the people you know. You always have the perfect companion no matter what you're doing: brunching, biking, shopping, dancing, library-ing, sailing. Yeah, sure, sailing - you could even find an awesome sailor pal.

Yeah, sometimes it's great to do things by myself, but sometimes it's just as great when someone else is there to hang with you. I hestitate to invite people on my escapades because I often feel like my activities are too mundane or dorky. (Does someone want to come see a Czech movie and then go to Bed Bath & Beyond with me tomorrow? No? Really? You sure?)

So in summary: you're MY hero, Drea. Not only because of your vast social circle, but also because you know how to cut my bangs perfectly and you save all my drunken voicemails. If you ever do get a cat though, you better believe I will hide it in a coffee table.

Now: let's blog the shit out of this internet.

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