Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi, I'm Molly, and I'm addicted to frosting

There were cupcakes at work on Wednesday.

Three giant boxes randomly arrived from Sprinkles just as I was about to go on my break, which means it was destiny.  I don't know why we were gifted with them, but I'm not going to question it.  Cupcakes - well ok, pretty much all baked goods - are generally the excuse for the "lazy" part of my lazy veganism.  If it has sugar in it, I'm probably going to eat it.

I've only had a Sprinkles cupcake one other time in my life and I don't remember it having as much frosting as this one.  I think a good frosting-to-cake ratio on a cupcake should be 1:2 - as in one part frosting and two parts cake (that's how ratios work, right??) - and this cupcake nailed it.  Meaning I bit into it and was like "holyshitsomuchfrostiiiiiiing."

I always separate cupcakes by breaking them in half horizontally so I can eat the cake part first and the frosting part second - best for last.  I was a good part of the way into the frosting half when I had to stop and consider. 

My 29-year-old brain thought "This is a SHIT TON of sugar.  Do I actually want to eat this whole thing?  And at 11:15am?"  And then my 9-year-old brain took over and was like "Hahahahahaahaaaaa DUH."  So I did.

And then my next two hours were spent dancing around and smiling a little too enthusiastically at customers while I embraced my heart palpitations.  I swear that at one point I was even singing that song from the The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up from the poppy nap.

And then four hours later I was cranky and ready for a nap... or another cupcake.  Sugar is a hell of a drug.

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